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Bring Your Own Manifold


Bring Your Own Manifold


Bring your own manifold to the party!

Since Enderle and Hilborn are no longer making stack injector castings for us to convert and sell as an "off-the-shelf item", you can send us YOURS instead! There's a zillion of them out there in the world...perfectly good used units, ready for you to buy at the swap meet and send to us for conversion to EFI. You can text photos of potential units to us (541-990-2485) and we can give you a ballpark quote...generally in the $4,970 to $5,600 range for the complete machine work, assembly, sensors, injectors, mounts, lines, filter, pump/regulator kit and FiTech ECU kit. Many features and options are available. The ultimate in CUSTOM!

Enderle, Hilborn, Crower, Jackson, Kinsler...we do them all!

All we need from you is an injector casting (the manifold), butterflies and throttle shafts. No need for nozzles or nozzle lines, ram tubes, check valves, pills, filters, shut-off valves, barrel valve, or mechanical pump. If your used unit came complete as a system, you'll be able to resell the mechanical items that EFI doesn't use and recoup part of your cost.

Plated, polished, plain, power-coated, many options to customize this for your hot rod!

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