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OLD SCHOOL Hemi Enderle Stack, FAST, EFI System COMPLETE


OLD SCHOOL Hemi Enderle Stack, FAST, EFI System COMPLETE


Introducing our complete, trick, affordable EFI stack injection setup for the 331-354-392 Chrysler Hemi. Thousands of bucks less than the other systems out there, with an "Old School" look...NO FUEL RAILS!. Wires, hoses and other stuff have been drastically minimized to keep it looking authentic. Most of the new-fangled stuff (sensors, etc.) can be easily stashed from view.

We use tiny electronic injectors and our own stainless steel interface pieces. No weld-in bungs that distort the casting are used! This keeps the cost low and our fuel injectors fit the stock 1/8" NPT holes with an individual hose for each. It looks like an old mechanical setup but has the fantastic performance, drivability and mileage of modern EFI.

The system electronics are FAST EZ-EFI - self-tuning, no laptop required. This complete setup includes all sensors (IAC, TPS, MAP, O2, coolant temp, air temp, tach signal). The fuel pump, regulator, filter, and all harnesses also included!

Normally, a stack setup takes some patience to setup correctly and tends to change and need tweaking. They can be difficult! After easily seating the butterflies on this setup and getting the banks set with a feeler gauge, the Idle Air Control (IAC) takes over. It's plumbed to EVERY cylinder as is the manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensing for each cylinder.

This complete setup not only includes the brand new Enderle Hemi injector castings with stacks, but also includes our very own Stealth air filters. These filters mount down inside the stacks to keep rocks, pebbles, and coarse dirt out of the motor. They are easily cleaned and can be removed when all-out, on track performance is desired.

This particular setup supports up to 650 HP on gasoline. Other injector combinations available for more power output! We can put this same system together with a different make, model or brand of mechanical injector. We can also retrofit YOUR injector with this EFI system. Call for details and pricing. This system is shipped in two packages. Call for a shipping quote!


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