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Programmable LED Shift Light


Programmable LED Shift Light


Digital red LED shift light, programmable shift point: 100-15,900 RPM. 1-12 cylinder applications. Adjustable light intensity.

This also has a nice digital tach built into the side. Works terrific for setting your idle, etc.

Supplied with it's own GMR pickup, this unit can be used on anything from a lawnmower to a diesel pickup to a race car with any style or brand of magneto. The pickup clamps over the primary wire going to the coil on the big Super-Mags and Pro-Mag 44. In other applications, it can clamp directly over a spark plug wire or other pulsing ignition wire. Because the unit is programmable from 1-12 cylinders, you can always get the pulse count right for an accurate RPM reading no matter what the signal source is that you use.

Dimensions: 3/4 in. x 4 in. long

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