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Magneto Timer


Magneto Timer




  • Bright LED indicators for both OPEN & CLOSED status.
  • Compact size 3/4" x 3" x 5"
  • Failsafe timing indication
  • Strong anodized aluminum case
  • Measures change of inductance (not a continuity tester!)

This is simply the best magneto timing box there is. It is not a "buzz box" in the traditional sense, it is MUCH better! This device measures the change of inductance in the magneto circuit when the points open or close. Shorting the clip leads together will not indicate the points closing. Thus, it will not give a false reading if the clips pop off or become shorted during use. This unit is a joy to use!

The compact device is housed in a rugged anodized aluminum case that will not melt or break and weighs only 9 oz.

It's powered by a single 9 volt battery (supplied) and due to the low-drain circuit design, a single battery may last for years of use.

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