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Magneto Tachometer - 8K

Stack Clubman

Magneto Tachometer - 8K


We recently had a magneto customer who could NOT make a tach work on his vehicle. We tried all the tricks, all the adapters, every gadget there is and it would not give him a reliable reading. He visited the PRI show last year and came across the STACK CLUBMAN tachometer which is billed to work with all ignition systems INCLUDING magnetos. It works beautifully for him! That got our attention, so we tested these in-house with a variety of mags and conditions. We eagerly became a dealer when we discovered how perfectly this tach works with all magnetos. Finally...a magneto friendly tach!

This isn't a "bouncy needle" kind of tachometer. The STACK CLUBMAN indicating needle is mounted on the end of a servo-motor shaft for superior accuracy and positive movement.

This premium quality tach features a built-in programmable shift-light activation circuit. The RED panel mount or dash mount shift-light is available in the pull down above. This LED back lit instrument also features a peak RPM tell-tale memory.

This tach works with all Super-Mags, Sprintmags, Vertex mags and all MSD mags. A racing suppression core spark plug wire of 50 ohms/ft or less is recommended. This tach uses no pickups or converters. Just connect its orange wire to the positive primary terminal of your coil or the "hot" side of your grounding kill switch and it's happy.

The STACK CLUBMAN tach is panel-mount by default  and fits a 3-1/4" (80mm) hole. The optional dash mounting pod can be selected from the drop-down menu above.

Find the 10K option here.

User friendly and configurable for any number of cylinders.

Review manual HERE.

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