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Premium Crank Trigger Pickup - 90 Degree


Premium Crank Trigger Pickup - 90 Degree


Our crank trigger pickups are manufactured in-house by the FIE staff to ensure that only the best materials, workmanship and quality control are employed throughout.

A few reasons to buy the FIE pickup:


    • We use a 100% coverage foil shield, twisted pair cable for maximum noise rejection and cover it with fire-sleeve. Most other pickups use a braided shield which is only 85-90% coverage and many don't use twisted pair conductors for noise cancellation.


    • Our pickup coil is precision wound on a nylon bobbin for long life. Many competing pickups have the delicate wire coil wound directly on the steel core. Eventually, clamping pressure and vibration will cause the coil to short out on the core causing their sensor to completely fail.


  • Every pickup is machine tested for signal quality and strength.

These pickup sensors are a smooth 3/8" diameter and fit perfectly in the RCD-type pickup clamps.

Pickups employ a separate 16" ground wire for shielding and maximum radio frequency and electromagnetic noise rejection. This can be trimmed to fit and grounded to the chassis or motor. The highest quality gold plated terminals in the plug make sure that the connection stays corrosion free.

These 90 degree units are stocked in 18" and 26" lengths at this time. Choose your desired length from the pull-down menu below. Extension cables are available in 2' and 3' lengths when required for your installation. Straight pickups are also available.


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