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Ignition Trigger Tester


Ignition Trigger Tester


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If you use a crank trigger pickup (CTPU) or an MSD magneto, you need one of these! Works with any brand of magnetic crank pickup or MSD pro-mag 12, 20 or 44.

Testing ignition pickup output usually requires an oscilloscope. Now you can test them yourself, anytime you want. This handy troubleshooter checks crank trigger pickups and MSD magneto pickups as they are installed on your vehicle. Simply unplug the trigger lead from the bottom of your pro-mag or crank trigger pickup and plug into this device.

Turn the unit on by selecting the appropriate "CTPU" or "MAG" setting. Crank the engine over and watch the front panel LED indicators...

YELLOW = The pickup is working but output signal is too weak to trigger a points box. NO SPARK or intermittent spark will result. Try cranking the engine faster or reduce the air gap between the pickup and crank hub. See this article

GREEN = The pickup works and the output signal should result in a spark event in a properly functioning 8106, 8145 or 8147 MSD points box.

NO FLASHING = This means the pickup is dead or a bad connection/broken wire is present resulting in NO signal to the points box. NO SPARK.


9V battery Included!

NOT for use with points-style mags. NOT a timing device. This device tests magnetic pickups only, NOT hall effect (powered) style pickups.

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