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Multi-Stage Fuel Manifold


Multi-Stage Fuel Manifold


Our manifold can accept up to 4 valves (lean out, enrichment or a mix), each station with its own bypass pill. Just like our popular single valve, this sexy piece has an "IN" and "OUT" in each end for ease of plumbing. The default configuration is a manifold loaded with 3 valves. Use the pull-down below to add a 4th or knock it back to 2 for now if you like.  Any stations without a valve are shipped with a plug and a blank pill to disable it.

Mounts via two 1/4" bolts down through the top or through the front with holes 3.5" apart.

Our 12VDC valves boast 3500 PSI operating pressure, 7 GPM max flow per station (methanol at @100 PSI, no pill), -8 female ports and draw less than 1.7A. It is simply the BEST we've ever seen for this kind of duty. Rated for CONSTANT DUTY, these valves can be kept activated continuously without fear of overheating.

Please see our 4 channel programmable event controller for help controlling events on your vehicle such as shifts, timing events, fuel management, etc.

The manifold instruction sheet is HERE.

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