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4 Channel Timer/Controller


4 Channel Timer/Controller


We partnered up with Leash Electronics for this terrific, compact timer controller. Leash has been building race car electronics and nitrous controllers for years. Built to our specs, this control unit allows the user to specify two separate ON and OFF events per pass for any or all of 4 separate channels as desired. This is a perfect controller for multi-stage fuel systems utilizing electronic valves to lean or enrich fuel delivery according to a timed schedule of events. The FIE electronic lean-out or enrichment valves are ideal for this controller! Could also be used to control ignition timing events, activate a shift-light, shift the car by time, etc.

This rugged little unit is housed in a billet aluminum enclosure and can switch up to 5 amps of continuous current per channel. Easy to connect and simple to program.

If you're looking for a way to control your multi-station lean-outs, shifts, timing events, etc. this timer is perfect!

Check out the complete time controller instructions and FAQ HERE.


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