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Cone Inline Fuel Filter


Cone Inline Fuel Filter


Instead of a great big ugly filter hanging out there in the breeze, why not hide it inside the fitting to the barrel valve? The mesh is 250 microns so it'll catch anything that would plug a nozzle but flows a tremendous amount of fuel. Believe it or not (when clean), the -8 version of this filter will pass 18 GPM of methanol before it finally starts to cause a pressure drop! If you run more fuel than that to your barrel valve, simply put one of these in each of your barrel valve outlets to scale down the demand on each filter.

The only down side to this filter is that one must check it and clean it OFTEN since there isn't much area for filtering.

We DO NOT recommend using this filter on the inlet side of a fuel pump! It should go somewhere on the pressure side of your fuel system.

Choose size (-6 or -8) from the drop down menu above.

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