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Add Nozzles to the Back of your Blower - Kit


Add Nozzles to the Back of your Blower - Kit


Melting the strips out of the back of your blower? It's probably time to add some nozzles back there to cool and lubricate your precious Teflon. Keep the strips healthy to keep boost high.

This kit adds two nozzles to the back of your blower WITHOUT having to replace your distribution block for more outlets. Of course, you must already have two 1/8" NPT holes drilled and tapped in the rear bearing plate of your blower to receive them.

This kit DOES NOT include the two needed nozzles. Since sizes will vary with your tune-up, you'll need to select those from here.

Kit includes:
Two 9" nozzle lines with straight swivel connections
Two cut-off nozzle bodies for mounting in the blower bearing plate
One -3AN, 1/8" NPT brass tee
One -8AN hex plug, tapped 1/8" NPT to receive the tee

Just remove the existing plug from the top of your hat distribution block and put this one in. Install tee, two lines, bodies in the blower your nozzles and connect with the hoses.

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