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Sprintmag + 8 cylinder, small cap


Sprintmag + 8 cylinder, small cap


This is the 3 AMP version of the Sprintmag with NEO (rare-earth) magnet assembly. This model replaces the now obsolete Sprintmag III. All the same parts and pieces as the Sprintmag II but with more output and the fancy magnet.

Excellent dependability in a small form-factor, constant duty magneto. 3.0 amps of primary output and 36-38 milliamps of current with the red topped 28900A transformer. If you're a PUSH-START Sprintcar, you might consider running the 28990 black-topped coil with the Sprintmag+ and enjoy 42-46 milliamps of current at the sparkplug.

This is a magneto generator ONLY - ready to go, outfitted with the small 205 cap, rotor and a driver of your choice.

This mag is also available as a complete SYSTEM (transformer, harness, case and lower drive of your choice).

Select your choice of rotation below. If you aren't sure, give us a call! Other mag drivers, cap/rotor options and severe-duty points available.

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