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10 amp Super-Mag+ Ultimate Points Mag


10 amp Super-Mag+ Ultimate Points Mag


This is the most reliable, POWERFUL, tricked out, points-style Super-mag generator on the planet. When Mallory built the Super-Mags, they stopped at 8 amps with the points version because the points they used couldn't take much more than that reliably. We've solved that one! Our "severe-duty" contact points can handle whatever we throw at them. So, we designed an even bigger magnet and a brand new type of winding for the inside that exceeds the Super-Mag V in output. If you measure this mag like an MSD magneto, it makes 30 amps of primary current @ 2500 engine RPM (10 amps average RMS current, 30 amps peak) This translates into more than DOUBLE the output of a Mag 20 at the spark plug throughout the entire RPM range (almost TRIPLE by 10,000 RPM). This was born to light nitromethane or methanol in extreme boost applications.

The new gold housing contains the specially designed FIE Neodymium Magnet/Poleshoe/Shaft assembly and special winding. The large "severe-duty" contact points require the use of the MONSTER 5" MSD cap assembly. We utilize our own adapter ring and fabricated rotor driver that moves everything upward. We add the driver of your choice to the bottom and test it through 10,000 engine RPM. Complete with output test report.

The Super-Mag+ is also available as an upgrade to your old Super-Mag since it lives in the same housing as the II, III, IV and V models.

The perfect match for this mag to make the most possible output is the giant red transformer built for the Super-Mag V and Super-Mag+. We also have the brackets for them.

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