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Mag 20 Magneto Generator


Mag 20 Magneto Generator


The mag 20 is a simply a 12 with 44 magnets in it. The great thing about this setup is that it is a tremendous amount of output while utilizing the 8106 points box that includes a rev limiter and transformer coil in one unit. This keeps the cost of this system low because the mag 44 requires a separate points box and coil.

In a lot of applications, the mag 44 is extreme overkill and the mag 20 is right there for a very capable, lighter weight, solution that requires less space and has a lower cost of ownership.

Like all new magnetos, points boxes and coils, this unit is LOAD TESTED at our facility to ensure that it meets our high standards for output and capability.

Select your choice of left hand (CCW) or right hand (CW) rotation below.

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