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Tach Signal Kit: For Vertex Mags


Tach Signal Kit: For Vertex Mags


Our fancy little hall effect sensor works on Vertex mags too! It senses the changing magnetic poles flying by inside and creates a perfect square-wave pulse for tachometers, rev limiter circuits, RPM switches, shifters, data loggers, etc.

The sensor must be carefully and precisely located on the outside of the housing in order to work. We include a couple of blueprints to show you exactly where to put it. You could always send your mag to us and let us drill/tap the housing for an exact installation. We don't recommend customers drill and tap the mag themselves! To install it yourself, simply use a blob of silicone behind it and tape it in place just until the silicone cures.

The sensor requires 12VDC input (9 to 18V is just fine). Comes with a mating 3' long harness to complete the wiring task. This device creates TWO pulses per crankshaft revolution, so you'll set your RPM accessory to "4 Cylinder" input signal.

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