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Tach Signal Kit: 2-Pin Style

Fuel Injection Enterprises, LLC

Tach Signal Kit: 2-Pin Style


 Generate a fantastic square-wave tach pulse by adding this kit to your magneto lower drive. This kit is intended for use with the traditional 2-pin style Mallory or FIE magneto drives. This kit adds flying magnets inside and converts the mag to a cross driver with locked out timing. Also includes our own special hall effect pickup pod on the side complete with 3' mating harness and hardware. The resulting signal can be used for tachometers, rev limiter circuits, data loggers, shifters, etc.

Installation: We call it a "puck" because it's about the size of a hockey puck. The puck contains 4 very strong permanent magnets and a standard female cross receptacle on top. The puck is pushed down ALL THE WAY over the 2 pins in the drive.  Grease the pins, get them started in the holes and use the wooden end of a hammer handle or such to drive the puck down to the bottom without beating up the top of the cross pattern.

Remove the old pin driver from your magneto (a battery terminal puller works great for this!) and install the supplied ALUMINUM cross. The cross must be aluminum! The nut, washer and key needed are supplied.

Finally, remove the timing pointer from the side of the drive if you still use one. The tiny sensor attaches to the drive using these standard holes with the supplied screws and washers. No need to drill or tap anything.

Connect the black wire to ground and the red wire to 12VDC (9-18V is acceptable) and the green wire to your tach input.

Set your tach device to "4 CYLINDER" since this kit will create 2 pulses per crankshaft revolution.

The tiny LED in the sensor pod will light up and go out every time one of the magnets inside the drive passes by it.

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