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Vertex 8 cyl cap - OPENED for Suppression Wire


Vertex 8 cyl cap - OPENED for Suppression Wire


If you're trying to get a tach, shift-light or data logger to work with your magneto, you probably know you're supposed to run a "racing suppression core wire" with your mag. That means a spark plug wire that is 50 ohms per foot of resistance or LESS.

Then the trouble is getting it to fit in the old style Vertex cap! It's pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to get the larger wire into the tiny stock holes in the cap.

So, we built a special fixture for the caps so that we can machine them in our CNC milling machine. We open the holes in the cap up to fit the Taylor racing suppression core wire we carry. FINALLY, IT FITS!

We have a special set of wires just for you: SUPPRESSION wire set for the Vertex

The Taylor Thundervolt 50 wire is just a little over 8mm and it fits nicely after machining. The larger 8.5mm MSD wire will NOT FIT in these caps. If the caps are machined out that far, they are extremely thin in certain places and can break. When machined out to fit the Taylor wire, no problems. And your tach and shift-light will love you.

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