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SuperCharged EFI Plate System, Old School


SuperCharged EFI Plate System, Old School


Our "Old School" EFI look isn't limited to just naturally aspirated applications anymore...time to go SUPERCHARGED!

Introducing our trick, affordable supercharged EFI plate system. The neatest setup out there and with NO FUEL RAILS!. The injectors and their plugs are completely hidden from view with our cool finned covers and individual fuel supply hoses to each cylinder enhance the traditional appearance. The harnesses and sensors have been HIDDEN or drastically minimized to keep it looking authentic. It looks just like an old mechanical setup but has the fantastic performance, drivability and mileage of modern EFI.

Our unique fuel deflectors aim the fuel directly downward into the supercharger rotors for quicker starting. They are easily aimed individually to direct fuel forward or backward as required. Our TPS and bracket mounts in place of the traditional "barrel valve" on a bug catcher injector hat.

The system electronics are either FiTech or FAST XFI-Sportsman which can be configured as SELF-TUNING or USER TUNED. This complete setup includes all sensors (IAC, TPS, MAP, O2, coolant temp). The fuel pump, regulator, filter, and all harnesses are also included. (Bug catcher injector hat available but not included in pricing. Supercharger not included.)

By tailoring the injector size to your needs, this system can support anything on gas up to 1,000 HP. From mild to WILD!

The default "Loaded Plate" option is what you see below. Our 2" professionally polished plate with covers, electronic injectors sized to meet your needs, injector harnesses, mating plugs, distribution block, lines, and o-rings for top and bottom.

You can also use the pull-down option above to add our throttle position sensor and bracket. For the whole deal, you can add the complete XFI Sportsman fuel management system with fuel pump and regulator kit with all sensors.

Available RIGHT NOW. Call to discuss your configuration: 541-990-2485

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