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90 degree, Solid Core for VERTEX - Black or Red


90 degree, Solid Core for VERTEX - Black or Red


These sets are made by us, in-house using top quality 8mm Taylor solid core wire. This set is specifically for Vertex OAC (internal coil) magnetos. No coil wire and no terminals or boots for the mag don't need them, why pay for them? If you do NOT run electronics on-board (tach, shift-light, data logger, etc.), these are the wires you want for your magneto. With ZERO impedance, these wires deliver every volt to the spark plug.

These wires all run LONG compared to standard Taylor, Mallory or MSD sets. You won't come up short!

The 90 degree plug terminals and boots are installed for you. Trim to fit and install the wires into the Vertex cap using alcohol as a temporary lubricant. Snug the brass lugs in the cap into the wires and you're ready!

We also include a set of shrink sleeve numbers for each end of your wires.

Available in BLACK or RED, please choose from the menu above.

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