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EXTERNAL COIL: Points box for mag 20


EXTERNAL COIL: Points box for mag 20


Breakthrough! While we can perform our external coil modification to YOUR 8106 points box ($130), you can now also buy a brand new box modified and ready to go for just $100 more than the stock unit.

This modification allows the use of our very own P/N 28944 coil that DOUBLES the output of your mag 20 magneto at the spark plug. Gain a HUGE difference in output by eliminating the tiny stock coil built into the box. Our board modification and terminal block allow you to get the most possible from your magneto.

Not only is spark output DOUBLED, but the heat generated by the tiny stock coil is removed from the box. In almost all cases, this practical upgrade to your mag 20 will eliminate the need to upgrade to the costly mag 44 setup.

The brand new 8106 box is supplied with a short weatherpak harness on the terminal block and also a mating weatherpak 4' long harness that you can trim and terminate to fit your application. This makes the box quick and easy to disconnect and ensures that no one plugs anything in incorrectly!

Includes the standard goodie bag that includes a toggle kill-switch and harness, rubber feet/mounting hardware. Like all new magnetos, points boxes and coils, this unit is LOAD TESTED at our facility to ensure that it meets our high standards for output and capability.

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