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High SPEED Starter for Small & Big Block Chevy


High SPEED Starter for Small & Big Block Chevy


It seems like everyone is running a "high-torque" starter these days. Did you know that a high-torque starter employs internal gear reduction and actually cranks SLOWER?! If you run a magneto, that is NOT what you need. You need a HIGH-SPEED starter because magnetos require extra cranking speed.

 25% extra speed ensures your MSD mag 12, 20, 44, Super-Mag, Sprintmag or Vertex magneto makes the spark to get your engine lit at the starting line. The extreme durability built into these starters means extra long life. These starters will take 12, 16 or 24 volts. Be sure your battery cables are adequately sized and your connections are sound.

Features a heavy-duty solenoid and adjustable billet mounting block. This starter fits both big and small Chevy, works with BOTH 153 or 168 tooth ring gears.

We recommend you get the engine spinning first BEFORE you unground the mag.

Recommended starting procedure:

1. Mag OFF
2. Begin cranking
3. Open the fuel shut-off valve
4. Throttle - WIDE OPEN
5. Crank for 3-5 seconds
6. Return throttle to idle position
7. Mag ON


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