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Over-center Spring Bracket: -6, -8, -10/-12


Over-center Spring Bracket: -6, -8, -10/-12


It's happened to you or someone you know...the fuel shut-off vibrated partially closed during a pass. Engine damage, melted plugs or just a lost race resulted. Now, you may be using rubber bands, duct-tape, bungees or some other passive means to hold the valve open during a pass but allow the driver to still force the valve closed if needed.

Our very own over-center spring bracket for the Enderle fuel shut-off is the elegant answer. It mounts quickly and easily to any of the machined Enderle shut-off valves to hold it in the ON position.

NOTE: Some of the very old Enderle valve bodies were a CASTING. This bracket will NOT mount to those without machining the shut-off valve or the bracket.

The spring from the bracket hooks to the cable attachment point on the shut-off arm. If you want to be able to use the shut-off partially closed to warm the motor in the pits - no problem! Just unclip the cable, pull the spring off the ball (let it hang from the bracket) and put the cable back on. After the warm-up, just put the spring back on and you're ready for a pass - no tools required.

The stop pin on some valves may protrude slightly beyond the diameter that this bracket clamps to. Simply tap the roll pin in to clear this diameter and you're ready to install the bracket.

Anodized 6061 aluminum construction. Includes stainless steel spring and hardware. MADE IN USA!

Specify for size -6, -8 or -12 shut-off valve below.
Size -12 fits clamping diameter range 1.430-1.455"
Size -8 fits clamping diameter range 1.290-1.301"
Size -6 fits diameter range 1.014-1.025"

NOTE: An Enderle -12 shut-off actually has -10 female ports in it. Some people call this a -10 shut-off because of that. Enderle calls it a -12 based on the through hole which is consistent with a -12 diameter fitting.


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