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Tach Pulse Generator


Tach Pulse Generator


If you've had trouble getting your electronic tach or shift-light to work with your magneto, you're not alone! The 8132 (MSD) and 9118 (Autometer) devices out there don't work well with Super-Mags, Sprintmags, MSD or Vertex mags. Radio frequency interference doesn't play well with those other tach converters and causes your tach to freak out.

We have the solution!

The result of a couple of years of R&D and testing, our little box is the answer. This device delivers a perfect, wonderful square-wave pulse speed signal and is enclosed and shielded inside a billet aluminum box. Our device not only generates the speed signal, but filters the power and ground to your unit to keep noise and interference at an absolute minimum. This is important to make sure your tach is stable and reliable. This box can power devices up to .5 amps and is thermally protected for over current and reverse polarity situations.

Our tach generator is "passive" meaning it picks up the signal it needs from proximity to the high-tension coil wire or mag cap. A wiring issue or malfunction related to your tach will never cause your ignition to lose fire because it is NOT connected to it. Our device literally eats the noise that gives other tach generators a headache and decodes it into a nice pulse.

Place the included pickup against the high-voltage secondary coil wire and tie wrap it in place. Then connect it to the main unit with some of the included shielded wire (8' supplied). The pickup can also be placed on top of the magneto cap or in the case of Vertex magnetos, against the back side of the cap next to the coil wire passage. In testing, this device has even worked fine on vehicles with SOLID CORE plug wires. When in doubt, racing suppression core wires are still the best bet.

Be sure to specify WHICH magneto you have in the pull-down menu below. The OAC Vertex (even with solid core plug wires) requires a more sensitive pickup.

Feed the output of this neat little unit to any electronic tachometer, shift-light, shifter, data logger, etc. that requires a square wave pulse speed signal.

This unit requires 12VDC power supply input. If you are using a 16V battery or running an 18V cordless drill battery to power accessories like this, you will NEED to add the correct voltage dropping device to your order from the pull-down menu. This device is a series of small diodes that reduces the voltage in a way that is independent of current. The voltage drop device is a small shrink sleeved package that goes inline with the red voltage input wire to the tach pulse generator. It is directional! The colored band at one end goes TOWARD the tach pulse generator. If you have a supply voltage that is other than 16 or 18, please call so we can make up a custom voltage drop device for you.

Click here to see the instructions/schematic for Super-Mags/Sprintmags/OXC Vertex/MSD Mags.

Click here to see the instructions/schematic for OAC (internal coil) Vertex Mags.



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