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Hose Port Kit - Complete


Hose Port Kit - Complete


This complete setup for SUPERCHARGED applications includes a distribution block, -8 check valve, nozzle bodies of your choice (below), hoses, and nozzle jets of your choice. We recommend brass nozzle bodies as they are more durable and resistant to corrosion. Aluminum is available.

There are two standard configurations below, but you can specify any lengths you like up to 30" each for no additional charge. We will custom make these to your specs. Specify desired lengths in the comments section of your order if you need customs.

The standard deck Chevy kit consists of these hoses:
2 ea. - 26"
2 ea. - 24"
2 ea. - 16"
2 ea. - 14"

Tall deck Chevy kit hose lengths:
2 ea. - 27"
2 ea. - 25"
2 ea. - 17"
2 ea. - 15"

90 degree hose ends can be added where you need them as well for an additional cost.

Don't forget to specify the nozzle jet sizes you need in the comments section of your order!

Nozzle body dimensions:
A - Long: 1.40" above the threads, .75 below threads, 2.62" overall length
B - Short: .58" above threads, 1.00" below threads, 1.80" overall length
C - Short-short: .58" above threads, .50" below threads, 1.50" overall length


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