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High RPM - Heavy Duty Contact Points


High RPM - Heavy Duty Contact Points


The standard contact point set just isn't good enough for some demanding applications. The spring tension isn't enough for high winding applications.

We take a standard contact set and work it over. First off, the spring tension is boosted to over 3.5 pounds so that engine speeds of over 10,000 RPM are no problem for high-winders. This WILL cause the rubbing block to wear slightly quicker! When utilizing these points, the gap must be checked and reset to .016" (if needed) after every few passes.

The higher output mags that we build create a bunch of current and heat. In order to handle this, the contact faces must be perfectly parallel and have full contact to transfer heat from the insulated arm into the stationary side. Every one of these heavy duty contact sets has been aligned, tweaked and made perfect for maximum heat transfer and long life.

These special Grade "A" points are for Super-Mags and Sprintmags. Complete with hardware and point cam lube capsule

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