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HEMI, Solid Core, XTRA long w/Tubes - Black or Red


HEMI, Solid Core, XTRA long w/Tubes - Black or Red


These sets are made by us, in house using top quality 8mm Taylor solid core wire. All eight wires in this set are 6 FEET long to allow all sorts of different mounting scenarios. You won't come up short!

If you don't run any electronics on-board (tach, shift-light, data logger, etc.), these are the wires you want for your magneto. With ZERO impedance, these wires deliver every volt to the spark plug. Not compatible with electronic box type ignitions or MSD Pro-mags!

These sets include the famous MSD "Hemi Tubes" for the plug side. Simply trim the tube to a length that suits the height of your valve covers, and assemble. The plug terminals and boots are installed for you. Trim to fit and terminate the magneto end yourself using the supplied terminals and black HEI type boots.

Since there's a BUNCH of extra wire here, we decided to include 4 extra boots and terminals (not shown). You can use them for spares, or assemble 2 extra spare coil wires for yourself to have at the ready. Why doesn't everyone else do that?

We also include a set of shrink sleeve numbers for each end of your wires.

Available in BLACK or RED (hemi tubes will match). Please choose from the menu above.

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