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Kill Switch for mag 44 Relay and Change-over/Kill Box


Kill Switch for mag 44 Relay and Change-over/Kill Box


The regular big button kill switch doesn't work with the mag 44 relay because it is a "normally open" design. This version of the switch is "normally closed" and works perfectly with the relay to kill the big mags. This can also be used with our Change-over/Kill Box if a big red button is desired.

There's no reason why folks using the relay or kill box can't have a nice big panic button to kill their motor as well. Easy to see, easy to find, WHACK! and the motor is dead.

Multiple hard silver contacts are utilized for long life and stick-free operation through over one million cycles. The big red button pushes in and locks to cut power to the relay and ground the magneto leaving the ignition in a safe condition for engine maintenance. Twisting the knob clockwise pops the actuator out to complete the circuit and open the relay (ungrounding the mag).

This affordable solution leaves hardware store toggle switches in the dust and the ultra-spendy switches looking silly.

The screw-in lug design prevents the switch from rotating in the dash panel like the traditional sleeve/nut switches.

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