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Memory Assembly for Fuel Pressure or Boost


Memory Assembly for Fuel Pressure or Boost


Capture fuel pressure or boost...
  • Dial-in your high-speed lean-out quickly
  • Play with setting up multiple lean-outs to see if it's a benefit for you
  • Great indicator of fuel pump health over time
  • Indication of nozzles or filter becoming obstructed
  • Expose any pressure drop caused by filters after the fuel pump
  • As an aid at idle to help set the barrel valve consistently
  • Monitor blower boost and know the health of your rotor seals
  • Capture maximum engine oil pressure

Finally, a remote mounted pressure memory kit! Other kits out there mount directly on the distribution block with hardware store brass nipples and tees. These are very susceptible to damage from vibration and they don't look very good sticking out in the breeze. The FIE kit can be mounted securely to the motor plate, firewall, chassis, manifold bolt, etc. and is plumbed to the system safely using a supplied custom 3AN hose.

Our special anodized aluminum tee can be mounted anywhere and the components can be installed in the tee in whatever configuration you like (gauge on top, on the side, etc.). The compact, rugged, shatter-proof, fluid-filled gauge is warranted by us for one year against damage from vibration.

We can configure this kit to your needs. The standard 0-160 PSI gauge can be substituted to allow capturing whatever range of pressure you desire. Custom hose lengths and fittings are no problem. The basic assembly comes with a 3' supply hose (overall length) with straight ends. If you'd like a custom length, please specify in the notes section of your order. 90 degree hose ends are optional below for $12 each (installed).

If you plan to ever run ANY nitromethane at all, please specify "methanol/nitro" for the fuel type in the options below. The component seals will be modified to be compatible with nitro.




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