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Magneto Front Drive/Fuel Pump Drive


Magneto Front Drive/Fuel Pump Drive


It's about time someone came out with a quality, affordable front drive for magnetos!

This is an updated version of the "dual drive" with a new wider spacing between stations so that Mallory or MSD mags will fit next to a large bodied fuel pump (Waterman, large Enderle, etc.) with ease. This is a GEAR drive setup, no belts to break, slip or cause timing variations. This will drive any mag including a mag 44 no problem. A filler plug, drain plug, shaft seals and o-ring between the case halves means it can be oil filled if desired for super long life. The magneto side of things accepts the standard band clamp, cross drive and contains its own bearing to keep things stable and reliable.

This gearbox unit is intended to mount to the motor on the end of a pump extension in place of your fuel pump in one of two ways:  

The tapped holes in the fuel pump extension can be drilled for clearance so that bolts can come in from the back side to secure the gearbox.


An optional quick-release band clamp ring (pictured below) can be bolted to the BACK of the gear box and it will mount up to a standard band clamp type pump extension. The special clamp ring is available as an option at additional cost.

The standard gearbox (default option) is configured for pumps that mount using a regular bolt-on flange. If your pump has a band clamp type flange on it, a band clamp flange can be added to the FRONT of the gear box and substitute a longer pump-mating shaft in one station so that the pump will engage correctly.

Both stations rotate COUNTER-CLOCKWISE as viewed from the front of the motor and your magneto and/or fuel pump may need the rotation changed. The mag will need to be LEFT HAND rotation (like a 426 Hemi or Ford application) and the pump setup for "belt driven" direction. We can perform both of these tasks for you at a very reasonable price! Please call for a quote. Adapters are available to mount Vertex magnetos on this drive as well.

Your fuel pump will mount 1.9" further forward than before, and the bottom face of your magneto housing will be 3.75" from the original fuel pump mounting face.



If you don't already have a cross driver for the bottom of your mag, you can add one to your cart here.

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