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IMPROVED! Chevy STD & Tall Deck Drive w/slip-collar & CROSS


IMPROVED! Chevy STD & Tall Deck Drive w/slip-collar & CROSS


Due to the slip collar on this drive, it will work with Chevy standard and tall deck applications.

Since we're building these drives now instead of Mallory, we've made a design change that everyone will like. Instead of the traditional pins and rubber coupler to join the mag to the drive, we've gone to the popular, proven cross arrangement. The drive now contains a steel female cross welded to the high-strength shaft. We've also included a new aluminum cross and hardware for the mag. Eventually, we'll make all the drives like this. For now, we offer a few models with this improvement and this is one of them.

Includes a new stainless steel/quick-release band clamp, aluminum magneto cross and hardware, timing pointer, and gasket...a complete drive setup in one box.

This drive also works with the 12, 20 and 44.

The "H" dimension for this drive is: 3-3/4" (STD deck) and 3" (Tall deck)


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