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Super-Mag/Sprintmag Advance Weights


Super-Mag/Sprintmag Advance Weights


Reissued!  Mallory made these way-back-when but they've been discontinued for years.

Available in 10, 14, 18, 22, 26 crankshaft degrees, "all in" by 2800 RPM. Works great to retard engine timing for easier starting. Recommended only for Sprintmags, Super-Mag II, and Super-mag III.

Works only with a 2-pin mag drivers and original style lower drives with two pins. We can still build the 2-pin style drives and can fit drives with a new pin-style replacement shaft for those needing to convert in order to use advance weights. You can add a magneto 2-pin driver from the pull-down menu above if you need one.

Weights are marked with crankshaft degrees, and rotation. The "R" side goes UP for right hand rotation (clockwise). Turn it over so that "L" is up for counterclockwise mags.

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