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MSD Cap/Rotor to Mallory Mag Conversion Kit


MSD Cap/Rotor to Mallory Mag Conversion Kit


We have a new solution to adapt the readily available, inexpensive, MSD cap and rotor to your Mallory Super-mag or Sprintmag. This setup is manufactured by us and utilizes all the stock MSD components.

Our hard black anodized aluminum ring screws down to the top of your Mallory mag generator and makes the top of it identical to the top of an MSD mag. Then the standard #8120 MSD "black ring" mates right up and the standard MSD #8119 large cap and rotor kit are used.

We also replace the Mallory rotor adapter plate with a heavy duty unit of our own (rotation specific) that's plated for corrosion resistance.

This MSD Cap provides the same spacing between the terminals as the Mallory Pro cap. The terminals are on a 4" diameter and the outer diameter of the cap plastic is 4.9".

If you like, you can add the optional plug wire retainer ring below. This ring screws down in place of the cap hold-down clips to retain the cap and prevent plug wires from coming off. This item is sold separately but can be added with the pull-down menu below.


Click on the images below to see a large photo in a new browser window.

Sold as "Adapters Only" (above LEFT), or "Complete Kit" (above RIGHT).


Please Select rotation!

Right Hand rotation, clockwise when viewed from the top (Chevy).
Left Hand rotation, counter-clockwise when viewed from the top (Ford, late hemi).

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